Tumble Joy aims to provide every child with a firm foundation for a healthy and all-rounded lifestyle through gymnastics in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.
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Benefits of Gymnastics

Keeps you physically active, healthy and happy
Builds a strong foundation for all kids sports
Improves flexibility, balance, coordination and strength
Develops determination, courage, confidence and social skills

Tumble Joy Programmes

Parents & Baby
Our Parent & Child program allows young children to learn and explore movement with the love and support from their parents. At the same time, the little ones are exposed to their first friends and start developing social skills at a young age. For children aged 2 years – 3 years old
  • 1 hour / week
  • $572 / school term (11 lessons)
  • $60 registration
Funfit (Beginner – Advance)
The Funfit kids gymnastics program develops children’s gross motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Students are introduced to a variety of age appropriate movement exercises and gymnastics skills. Different classes for children from 3 – 14 years old are available.
  • 1 hour / week
  • $473 / school term (11 lessons)
  • $60 registration
Tumblefit Gymnastics is for those who love gymnastics and can’t get enough in the Funfit classes! Tumblefit students learn advanced gymnastics skills and simple routines on the floor, bars and vault that will be showcased to parents at the end of each term. For children who are 7 years old and above.
  • 2 hours / week
  • $770 / school term (11 lessons)
  • $60 registration
Children who have lots of energy, potential and the desire to pursue gymnastics as a competitive sport will be invited to join this program. This training program develops excellent basics, accurate technique, posture, flexibility and strength that is essential for gymnasts to excel.
  • 4-6 hours / week
  • Varies
  • $60 registration

4 More Reasons to Join Us!

Our different programmes cater to the needs of every child depending on their age, interest and ability
Our classes are structured and follow a syllabus with specific objectives for each programme and level
Each class is packed with activities ensuring that the time in the gym is always well spent
We track the progress of our little tumblers and keep parents updated

Online Reviews

Ricelie yuchen Lim
Teacher are the best if my daughter improved im proud of her
March 2023
chaangru lee
I like their systematic drill based training
Feburary 2023
Mohammed Syaiful
Good place to get the young ones to try out gym layout.
Jessica Shepherdson
My 3 year old daughter love gymnastic and of course the couches too and without hesitating we enrol her.
Carlin Mulyatee
I really appreciate that the coaches take time to share with me my child’s progress and areas of improvement. My daughter’s motor skills have improved tremendously and the gym classes have helped in building her confidence. Big Thanks to all the coaches for the patience and encouragement 🙂

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