Advancing Gymnastics Skills with Tumblefit: A Comprehensive Training Program

Tumblefit Gymnastics, the next step for passionate gymnastics enthusiasts who crave more than what Funfit classes offer. Tailored for children aged 7 and above, Tumblefit presents a 2-hour training session that focuses on advanced gymnastics skills and routines across three essential apparatuses: floor, bars, and vault. Each term concludes with an exciting showcase where students can display their talent to their proud parents.

Floor Routines: Floor exercises are fundamental in developing strength, flexibility, and coordination. Tumblefit Gymnastics places great emphasis on this apparatus, guiding students through intricate routines that combine leaps, jumps, and tumbling passes. These routines not only enhance grace and fluidity but also improve body awareness and control, crucial for mastering advanced gymnastics skills.

Bar Techniques: The art of the uneven bars requires precision and finesse, and Tumblefit is dedicated to helping students conquer this apparatus. Coaches lead students through a progressive curriculum, starting with the basics of swings and casts, gradually advancing to more challenging skills like kips and giants. Tumblefit equips gymnasts with the necessary techniques to navigate the bars confidently and stylishly.

Vault Mastery: Vaulting demands speed, power, and precise take-offs. Tumblefit Gymnastics places a significant emphasis on vault training to ensure that students excel in this apparatus. Coaches pay careful attention to proper technique and form, teaching gymnasts how to execute flawless vaults that captivate the audience.

Showcase Your Talent: Tumblefit Gymnastics celebrates the hard work and progress of its students with an end-of-term showcase. This exciting event gives parents and loved ones a glimpse into the growth and achievements of their young gymnasts. It is a moment of pride for both the gymnasts and their families, highlighting the dedication and effort invested in mastering the art of gymnastics.

Why Tumblefit? Tumblefit Gymnastics distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive 2-hour program, allowing sufficient time for each gymnast to refine their skills and build a solid foundation. With a focused approach on floor, bars, and vault, Tumblefit ensures that students receive well-rounded training across essential apparatuses.

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