Tumble Joy FAQs

1. What is the youngest age to join Tumble Joy’s Programmes?

Toddlers can start joining our Parent & Baby programme at 24 months!

2. Is a trial class compulsory?

Yes, the trial classes allow children to determine if they like the class before signing up for a term, and also ensures that we can place them in the most suitable class and level. 

3. What should my kid expect in a gymnastics lesson?

Each Tumble Joy class includes stretching, strength training, motor skills development and gymnastics skills. We focus the gymnastics skills on four apparatuses, Vault, Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise and our lessons also involve exercises on the trampoline!

4. What are the different levels in the Funfit Programme?

The different levels are Kinder, Beginner, Intermediate, Pre-Advance and Advance. 

5. Will my child’s progress be tracked?

Yes! For Funfit Kinder program and above, termly assessments are conducted, and results are shared with parents. Tumblefit students participate in an annual performance showcase and our competitive gymnasts participate in interclub competitions every year. 

6. Can my child join the program in the middle of the term?

Absolutely! We prorate fees based on the remaining lessons and provide support to help new students catch up.

7. Can I stay in the gym to watch my children during classes?

While parents cannot remain inside the gym during classes, our facility is enclosed with glass, ensuring parents have a clear view of their children’s activities at any part of the gym.

8. What attire should my child wear?

Tumble Joy students should come dressed in their Tumble Joy T-shirt, stretchable shorts, or leotards. For safety and convenience, children with long hair should tie it up using hair ties without hard accessories, watches and jewelry should be removed before class.

9. Do you offer make-up classes?

We offer a maximum of 2 make-up classes per term, provided a valid MC and a minimum notice of 3 days is given. Make-up classes are subjected to availability and must be completed in the same term.

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